Scleral lenses are very special new technology contact lenses that provide much better vision to many patient.

They also can be customized as bifocal lenses to meet most visual needs. Our doctors have a great success in improving patient’s vision using those scleral lenses.


Scleral lenses are larger than conventional contact lenses and they are designed
to cover the entire cornea and rest on the white part of the eye (sclera).

This design allows the replacement of the irregular cornea with a perfectly smooth surface causing less distortions of images and ultimately sharper vision.

They are intended for patients with:


– Digital Customized single vision and Progressive lenses packages.

– Great discount on second pair of glasses.

– Great savings with rebates available on orders of a year’s supply of disposable contact lenses.

– “Share The Care” incentive is an appreciation for referring patients to our clinic so you may be eligible for a discount off your next glasses or contact lenses purchase when you share our information with friends, neighbors, and family.

Promotions and selections vary monthly, call our office for detail.
Restrictions and limitations may apply.