orthokeratology (ORTHO-K)

Ortho-k, is a surgery-free way for some myopia patients to leave their glasses behind and not have to wear contact lenses/glasses all the time.

It is done using specially designed and fitted contact lenses to temporarily reshape the cornea to improve vision.

The ortho-k lenses are only worn at night to reshape the front surface of the eye while you sleep then they are removed in the morning, and it is reversible at any time you choose to stop.

Who is ortho-k for?

How does ortho-k work?

How long does ortho-k take?

Is orthokeratology safe?

Ortho-k lenses are, like any other contact lenses, associated with an increased risk of infection especially in patients who may be less able to maintain good hand and contact lens hygiene.

For this reason, ortho-k may be more dangerous than glasses if not used properly. It is important to consult with our optometrists if you are considering ortho-k and maintain your regular checkups.

If there are no eye infections and your eyes stay healthy and comfortable using the proper hygiene, there is no limit to how long you can use ortho- K lenses.

Is Orthokeratology limited by age?

There are no age restrictions on orthokeratology unlike the age limits imposed on refractive surgeries. Adults and children can have ortho- K to serve as an alternative for vision correction, and also for myopia progression control in younger patients.