Our doctors make sure to provide a comprehensive eye examination to rule out any other possible ocular surface disease and to assess the dry eyes signs and symptoms. In addition to their years of experience in diagnosing dry eyes, the doctors use high technology testing to assist in their diagnosis. Some of the diagnostic tools will be discussed below.

Tear Osmolarity Testing 

At Quality Eye Care Clinic, we use TearLab Osmolarity Test Card, in conjunction with the TearLab Osmolarity System to provide a quick and simple method for determining tear osmolarity using tiny amount of tear fluid collected directly from the eyelid margin to give the doctors and quantitative numerical value to aid them in the diagnosis of dry.


As a part of dry eye evaluation, our doctors will take images of the Meibomian glands in your lids, this quick noninvasive scan will allow our doctors to assess the quality of the gland structure. Also, the doctor will check the function of the gland during the exam to determine if you may benefit form Lipiflow treatment.